Center Staff

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A Disability Services Organization

Executive Director: John Petix, Jr. .
Executive Administrative Assistant: Mary Fitzgerald
Coordinator Social Recreation Program: Susan Kramer
Independent Living Program Specialist: Jodi A. Susser
Community Support Specialist: Johnesia McKenzie
Youth & Transition Specialist: Nicole F. Barile
Community Support Specialist  
Deaf Services Specialist: Susan Bartose
Social Recreation Program Assistant: Jodi A. Susser
Social Recreation Program Attendant: Ann Marie Morales
Volunteer - Essex County Hotline:
DIAL, Inc. Board of Directors
Charles Brooks
Anthony Gianduso
Alisa Hodowanec
  Patricia Rhein
Francine Ford-Smith
  Neil Ross
  Shelby Wells
Advisory Council Members
  Lisa Brown
  Samantha Florence
  Brian Mincy
Juana Ortiz
Alice Best
Naomi Bunn
Samantha Florence
Chris Casiez
Diane Robinson
  Ryan Roy

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